Eton alive


Sujets :
Post-punkRap Rock

Sleaford Mods

Edité par Differ-Ant - 2019

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Chubbed up plus | Sleaford Mods

Chubbed up plus

CD | Sleaford Mods | 2014

The Committee. Jobseeker. 14 day court. Black monday. Jolly fucker. Tweet tweet tweet. Bambi. Routine Dean. Scenery. Pubic hair LTD. Bring out the cannons. Fear of anarchy..

Divide and exit | Sleaford Mods

Divide and exit

CD | Sleaford Mods | 2014

Air conditioning. Tied up in Nottz. A little ditty. You're brave. Strike force. The Corgi. From rags to Richards. Liveable shit. Under the plastic and NCT. Tiswas. Keep out of it. Smithy. Middle men. Tweet tweet tweet.

Key markets | Sleaford Mods

Key markets

CD | Sleaford Mods | 2015

Live tonight. No one's bothered. Bronx in a six. Silly me. Cunt make it up. Face to faces. Arabia. In quiet streets. Tarantula deadly cargo. Rupert trousers. Giddy on the ciggies. The Blob..

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