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Edité par Differ-Ant - 2014

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Eton alive | Sleaford Mods

Eton alive

CD | Sleaford Mods | 2019

Sleaford Mods est l'un des duos les plus importants, politiquement chargé et avec des paroles lourdes de réflexion qui sévit actuellement sur la scène musicale britannique, et au-delà. Ils sortiront leur cinquième album "Eton aliv...

Divide and exit | Sleaford Mods

Divide and exit

CD | Sleaford Mods | 2014

Air conditioning. Tied up in Nottz. A little ditty. You're brave. Strike force. The Corgi. From rags to Richards. Liveable shit. Under the plastic and NCT. Tiswas. Keep out of it. Smithy. Middle men. Tweet tweet tweet.

Key markets | Sleaford Mods

Key markets

CD | Sleaford Mods | 2015

Live tonight. No one's bothered. Bronx in a six. Silly me. Cunt make it up. Face to faces. Arabia. In quiet streets. Tarantula deadly cargo. Rupert trousers. Giddy on the ciggies. The Blob..

Sélection : Lundi

Domenica e lunedi' | Branduardi, Angelo

Domenica e lunedi'

CD | Branduardi, Angelo | 2008

Domenica e lunedi. Fou de love. Giovanna d'Arco. La Dodici lune. La Ragazza e l'eremita. La Donna della sera. I santi. Il trionfo di Bacco e Arianna. C'e una sala in paradiso. Tenera nemica. Un angolo del cielo..

Monday's ghost | Hunger, Sophie

Monday's ghost

CD | Hunger, Sophie | 2009

Shape. Round and round. The Tourist. Birth-day. Monday's ghost. House of gods. Teenage spirit. The Boat is full. Rise and fall. Walzer für niemand. Beauty about all. A protest song. Drainpipes.

On the road to find out | Stevens, Cat

On the road to find out

CD | Stevens, Cat | 2008

Back to the good old times. I love my dog. Portobello road. Here comes my baby. Matthew & son. The Tramp. I'm gonna get me a gun. School is out. A bad night. The Laughing apple. Kitty. Blackness of night. The First cut is the deep...

A Storm in heaven | Verve, The

A Storm in heaven

CD | Verve, The | 1993

Star sail. Slide away. Already there. Beautiful mind. The Sun, the sea. Virtual world. Make it til monday. Blue. Butterfly. See you in the next one..

Different class | Pulp

Different class

CD | Pulp | 1995

Mis-Shapes. Pencil skirt. Common people. I Spy. Disco 2000. Live bed show. Something changed. Sorted for E's and wizz. F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E.. Underwear. Monday morning. Bar Italia..

Wipe'out'' |


CD | 1996

Afro ride / Leftfield. Chemical beats / Chemical brothers. Blue monday / New Order. Age of love / Age of love. Wipeout / Orbital. One Love / The Prodigy. La Tristesse durera / Manic Street Preachers. When / Sunscreem. Good enough ...

Ain't nobody's business | Hurt, Mississippi John

Ain't nobody's business

CD | Hurt, Mississippi John | 1992

Collection : Prestige Raw Blues Series

Nobody's Business but mine. The Angels laid him away. Baby what's wrong with you. Casey Jones. Candy Man. Lonesome blues. My Creole Belle. Make me a pallet on your floor. Trouble I had all my days. C-h-i-c-k-e-n Blues. Coffe Blues...

Being there | Wilco

Being there

CD | Wilco | 1996

Wilco est un groupe de rock contemporain américain originaire de Chicago (Illinois). Le groupe est né des cendres du groupe américain d'alternative country Uncle Tupelo en 1994. La composition du groupe a évolué fréquemment durant...

100e anniversaire | Armstrong, Louis (1900-1971)

100e anniversaire

CD | Armstrong, Louis (1900-1971) | 2000

Muskrat ramble. Cornet shop suey. Twelth street rag. Ory's creole trombone. Struttin' with some barbecue. Savoy blues. A monday date. West end blues. Basin street blues. Weather bird. St. James infirmary. Tight like this. I can't ...

Eternal flame : The best of | Bangles

Eternal flame : The best of

CD | Bangles | 2001

Manic monday. Eternal flame. If she knew what she wants. Walk like an Egyptian. Walking down your street. Hero takes a fall. Going down to Liverpool. Following. Hazy shade of winter. In your room. Be with you. I'II set you free. E...

The Blue jukebox | Rea, Chris

The Blue jukebox

CD | Rea, Chris | 2004

The Beat goes on. Long is the time, hard is the road. Let's do it. Let it roll. Steel river blues. Somebody say amen. Blue street. Monday morning. Restless soul. What king of love is this. Paint my jukebox blue. Baby don't cry. Sp...

The Singles : 81-85 | Duran Duran

The Singles : 81-85

CD | Duran Duran | 2009

Planet earth. Late bar. Careless memories. Khanada. Fame. Girls on film. Faster than light. My own way. Hungry like the wolf. Save a prayer. Hold back the rain. Rio. The Chauffeur. Is there something I should know ?. Faith in this...

Fats Domino | Domino, Fats

Fats Domino

CD | Domino, Fats | 2006

Collection : BD Rock

Scénario e dessins de Marc Charbonnel. Sélection et textes de William Thoury. Le rock'n'roll est né à la Nouvelle-Orléans grâce à Fats Domino dont le premier succès, "The Fat Man", est considéré par les historiens et les spéciali...

Bande à part | Nouvelle vague

Bande à part

CD | Nouvelle vague | 2006

The Killing moon. Ever fallen in love. Dance with me. Don't go. Dancing with myself. Heart of glass. O Pamela. Blue monday. Human fly. Bela Lugosi's dead. Escape myself. Let me go. Fade to grey. Waves..

Pop'n'gum | Superbus


CD | Superbus | 2005

Radio song. Pop'n'gum. Des hauts, des bas. Sunshine. C'est pas comme ça. Little hily. Petit détail. Sex baby sex. Beggin' me to stay. Tu respires. Taboo. Girl. Monday to sunday (inédit). Boys don't cry (inédit). Girl (acoustique)....

Wow | Superbus


CD | Superbus | 2006

Le Rock à Billy. Ramdam. Butterfly. Over you. Lola. Tiens le fil. Un peu de douleur. Let me hold you. On monday. Travel the world. Jenn je t'aime. Ca mousse..

At Fillmore East | Allman Brothers Band, The

At Fillmore East

CD | Allman Brothers Band, The | 2003

Statesboro blues. Done somebody wrong. Stormy monday. You don't love me. Hot'lanta. In memory of Elizabeth Reed. Whipping post..

Midnight man | Graham, Davy

Midnight man

CD | Graham, Davy | 2007

No preacher. The Fakir. I'm looking thru you. Hummingbird. Watermelon man. Stormy monday. Money honey. Walkin' the dog. Fire in my soul. Lost lovers blues. Neighbour neighbour. Jubilation. Rags and old Iron. Jelly Roll Baker..

There's no place like America today | Mayfield, Curtis

There's no place like America today

CD | Mayfield, Curtis | 2001

Billy Jack. When seasons change. So in love. Jesus. Blue monday people. Hard times. Love to the people..

If you can believe your eyes and ears | Mamas and The Papas, The

If you can believe your eyes and ears

CD | Mamas and The Papas, The | 1998

"If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears" est le premier album du groupe The Mamas and the Papas ("The Mama's and the Papa's" sur la pochette), sorti en 1966. Il connaît un grand succès des deux côtés de l'Atlantique.Monday, monday....

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