Dark matter


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Newman, Randy (1943-....)

Edité par Warner - 2017

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Live | Newman, Randy (1943-....)


CD | Newman, Randy (1943-....)

Mama told me not to come. Tickle me. I'll be home. So long Dad. Living without you. Last night I had a dream. I think it's going to rain today. Lover's prayer. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Yellow man. My old Kentucky home. Cowboy. Da...

1001 pattes = A Bug's life | Newman, Randy (1943-....)

1001 pattes = A Bug's life

CD | Newman, Randy (1943-....) | 1999

The Time of your life. The Flik machine. Seed to tree. Red alert. Hopper and his gang. Flik leaves. Circus bugs. The City. Robin hood. Return to colony. Filk's return. Loser. Dot's rescue. Atta. Don't come back. Grasshopper's retu...

Mon beau père et moi = Meet the parents | Newman, Randy (1943-....)

Mon beau père et moi = Meet the parents

CD | Newman, Randy (1943-....) | 2001

A Fool in love. Poor me. Got my mo jo working. Give me a sign. Meet the parents. Could you milk me ?. Greg loses jinx. Burning down the house. Wrong cat. The Car race. Broken hearted. Pam's problem. Jack to the rescue. Together ag...

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