And nothing hurt


Sujets :
Space rockRock alternatifNeo psychedelia


Edité par PIAS - 2018

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Let it come down | Spiritualized

Let it come down

CD | Spiritualized | 2001

On fire. Do it all over again. Don't just do something. Out of sight. The Twelve steps. The Straight and the narrow. I didn't mean to hurt you. Stop your crying. Anything more. Won't get to Heaven (the state I'm in). Lord can you ...

Songs in A & E | Spiritualized

Songs in A & E

CD | Spiritualized | 2008

Harmony 1 (mellotron). Sweet talk. Death take your fiddle. I gotta fire. Soul on fire. Harmony 2 (piano). Sitting on fie. Yeah yeah. You lie you cheat. Harmony 3 (voice). Baby I'm just a fool. Don't hold me close. Harmony 4 (the o...

Sweet heart, sweet light | Spiritualized

Sweet heart, sweet light

CD | Spiritualized | 2012

Huh ? (intro). Hey Jane. Little girl. Get what you deserve. Too late. Headin' for the top now. Freedom. I am what I am. Mary. Life is a problem. So long you pretty thing..

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